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After living in Bangkok for almost 10 years we are leaving. So we want to give a sizable goodbye present of 10.000 Euro to the people of this wonderfully insane city.

We, and most people in Bangkok, live in relative comfort. But there are around two million people who are really poor and live in the slums.

This leads to a lot of problems, especially for the children in those neighborhoods. Often they can’t go to school, are infected with HIV/AIDS, their parents are in jail, they live on the street or are addicted to sniffing glue.

How to donate

The Klong Toey slum in Bangkok

HDF Mercy Centre

Unfortunately support from the Thai government isn’t sufficient. However, there is one great organization who does help these children and the communities they live in: the HDF Mercy Centre. They will receive our goodbye present.


The Mercy Centre was founded over 35 years ago by Father Joe. At that time it was just a small kindergarten in an abandoned building, attended by the slum’s throw-away children.

This admirable man has, together with Sister Maria, volunteers and the neighbors in the slums, expanded this organization in an impressive manner.
Nowadays the Mercy Centre consists of:

  • 26 kindergartens all over Bangkok Slums with over 3000 children attending.
  • A free AIDS hospice & living quarters for mothers and children with this horrible disease.
  • 6 orphanages for slum children.
  • 4 schools for the poor Mokum (sea gypsies) in the south of Thailand.
  • A micro-credit bank for people in the slums.
  • A legal department helping youngsters in all sorts of ways.
  • A live-in farm just outside of Bangkok for older boys who have legal problems.
  • And many more educational and charitable projects, which can be found on their website.

How to donate

Children in the flooded Klong Toey slum in Bangkok

Growing pains

Their growth has not always been easy: for example Father Joe himself was shot in a Bangkok slum, but they have persevered and are now a small, but well respected, organization. They are now under Royal patronage pf HRH Princess Srirasmi and Jackie Chan and George W. Bush have come by to entertain the Mercy children.

This could only happen because of generous donations from individuals and organizations.

How to donate

Mercy Centre's orphanage children on summer holiday

More information

Nowadays the first generation of students of the Mercy Centre are teachers, executive secretaries, nurses, two lawyers, taxi drivers, and butchers. You can read more about their success stories on the Mercy Centre website. Make sure you check out the heartbreaking stories of the Mercy Children, such as this one.

We’d love it if you could make a donation to them.
They do incredible work and exist because of donations from people like you and me.


If you wish to help the children in the Bangkok slums and us with our goodbye present, you can transfer a small (or big) amount to the accounts below.

Just so we are clear: donations to HDF Mercy Centre will NOT be used to fund our trip.
Want to donate? Even a small amount would be very welcome!

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