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Floods in Klong Toey


As you have probably heard, large parts of Thailand including in Bangkok were/are flooded. For us this is just annoying, but for the Mercy-folks this is a bigger problem.

Effects of the floods on the Mercy Centre

8 Mercy schools have been flooded, some all the way to the ceiling. 750 children have lost their schools and most of them their homes too. Some of these schools are still closed, but luckily the flood water is receding.

Father Joe handing out food and water during the flood in Klong Toey

Video from Klong Toey

Below is a short video where Father Joe from the HDF Mercy Centre explains the impact of the floods on the Klong Toey slum community and the Mercy Centre.


Recently we have sent out some emails to friends, family and acquaintances asking for their help; a donation for the Mercy Centre. You can see the results of their and our efforts now on the top of the page.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has made or will make a donation. Thanks, you guys rock!!!

If you also would like to donate, look here.

More information

If you want to know more about the situation in Klong Toey, you can check out the latest flood update from Father Joe on the Mercy Center site, where he describes how they are coping with the receding flood water.

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